The Values of X and Y in Diet Solutions


“You are what you eat.” You’ve heard it many times – sounds cliché to some but it is basically true. Anything you put inside your body will manifest itself in your physical appearance and can even affect your mental and emotional state. Realizing this, it is time to seriously consider a personal diet to follow that will make you achieve physical, mental and emotional wellness. Indeed, almost every American has some form of eating problems, which is why so many restrictive diet solutions have been presented, studied and sold in the recent years.

It is just like solving a math equation, looking for the values of the x and y variables. X corresponds to what is missing, lacking or in other words, what is the problem. Y, fittingly means why? What is your objective in the diet? And just like algebra solutions, diet solutions involve scientific calculations and problem analysis.

Basically, there are three steps to follow. First, identify the problem. Are you too fat, or too skinny? One scientific measure to use as guide is the body mass index or bmi. It does not actually measure the percentage of body fat, but it gives you an ideal body proportion based on your height and weight. Calculating this, you can identify what range you fall into – underweight, normal, overweight or obese.

Next, state your purpose. Why do you want to go on a diet? Is it to maintain good health or only for the sake of physical appearance? If you ask yourself this question you might want to sit back and ponder your answer. Of course, it is best that you plan a diet because you want to achieve a healthy well-being and not just to look good. If you are healthy, this automatically translates to looking good and feeling good.

It is so very important to realize that being healthy physically necessarily improves your appearance because you will have a fit body and radiant skin. This will, in turn, make you feel good about yourself and develop your self-confidence. Don’t end up undernourished! Your goal should be to improve yourself with natural weight loss – not to sacrifice your health.

Finally, after identifying the X and the Y, find the formula to use. Isabel’s methods in The Diet Solution Program will fit your individual style and needs. Do not rigidly follow a regimen that is incompatible to your lifestyle. Analyze your physical strengths and limitations, mental capacity and decisiveness, financial capabilities, your daily activities and include your social life. This means that you must know your health condition so you can choose what nutrient you need most and what you need to avoid. Then consider your economic status, what you can and cannot afford.

Also, be flexible your attitude and learn to be decisive to persevere in your goal. You also need to understand your lifestyle, retain what gives you advantage and learn to quit the negative habits. Using these data analysis, you can formulate an equation that will uniquely fit you.


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